F-gas regulation No.842/2006

On 4th July 2007, F-gas regulation No.842/2006 became UK law.

It is now a criminal offence for any air conditioning company to carry out activities involving the installation, maintenance or repair of refrigeration, air conditioning or heat-pump equipment, without holding a full company F-Gas certificate.
The F-Gas Regulation also places an obligation on the end-users of such equipment to ensure that those they appoint to work on their systems are competent and appropriately trained to do so. This is done simply by requesting a copy of their supplier's F-Gas certificate.

We of course hold this certification

Obligations on the operator of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment
F-Gas Regulations - You are responsible in ensuring compliance

The F-Gas Regulation places a legal obligation on the 'operators' (end users) of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as refrigerants, through better containment and leakage prevention.

As an ‘operator’ of such equipment, your new obligations are to ensure that the personnel you appoint to maintain and repair your air conditioning equipment are competent and appropriately trained, and that any newly installed equipment is clearly labelled with the type and quantity of refrigerant that it contains.

You are required to ensure that your equipment is leak-tested regularly, and to repair any detected leakage as quickly as possible. You are also required to keep records of the refrigerant type and quantity in use at your premises, and log any refrigerant that has been lost or added.
As part of our commitment to our contract customers, AC Enviro will manage the documentation and administration associated with this new legislation, on your behalf and at no additional charge, to ensure your full compliance with the scheme.

The official F-gas regulation document from Defra can be downloaded here.
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