Do you need a TM44 Assessment?

All businesses operating air conditioning equipment with a collective cooling output of 12kW or more must have it inspected by a registered assessor, who will produce a report detailing whether/where increases in energy-efficiency could be achieved.

This inspection applies to ‘comfort cooling’ air conditioning systems only (being systems used to provide cooling for the comfort of occupants), whereas air conditioning systems being used solely to cool computer rooms and manufacturing processes are exempt.
Whilst this directive has been establishing its roots over the past few months, the Government have now completed the build of their online database ‘Landmark’, where completed air conditioning assessment reports must be lodged, and will be using this database for Trading Standards officers to enforce compliance.

What is required?
TM44 Assessments are compulsory

A ‘TM44’ Air conditioning inspection is required. This involves a registered assessor visiting your premises to survey the condition, suitability and typical usage of your installed air conditioning equipment. On completion of the assessor’s visit, a report will be compiled by them using software provided by the Government to ensure it can be uploaded in the correct format for their online database.

Who is operating this scheme?

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) are operating the scheme, which is enforced by Local Trading Standards Officers.

What will an inspection cost?

The cost of an inspection (comprising of a site survey and subsequent production of report) will vary depending on the number of air conditioning systems installed at your premises. The inspection does not need to extend to all systems installed - where 3 or more systems exist, the minimum ‘sample’ of systems to be inspected is 3, or 10% of the total number installed (whichever the greater). For this reason, a quotation based on the number of systems installed at your premises will be provided.

When do I need to comply by?

You should have had your TM44 assessment completed and the report lodged with the Government’s online ‘Landmark’ database by 1st July 2011, Trading Standards will be using the Government’s online ‘Landmark’ database to begin enforcing compliance.

What happens if I fail to comply?

Should a Trading Standards officer visit your premises and find you non compliant, a £300 fine will be levied. This fine is repeatable for each return visit they make where you are unable to demonstrate compliance.

How frequently do these inspections need to be carried out?

These inspections need to be repeated every 5 years.

How do I arrange an assessment?

Ac Enviro can arrange for a TM44 Assessment to be carried out at your premises. Our appointed assessor operates Nationally, and has been providing various energy inspections on a commercial basis for the past 20 years.
Having tailored IT systems to streamline the production of their reports, they are able to process them quickly, accurately and competitively.

For further information about the TM44 Assessments, or to request a quotation to provide a TM44 Assessment of your building, please either contact us here, or call us today on 01482 210391.

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